Monday, 7 November 2011


I've been heartened and humbled by the superb results from our recent survey of staff opinions. In the midst of an austere and unpredictable economic environment, the way our staff feel about working at The Hanley is emphatically positive. Amongst the most eye-catching results are ; 88% of staff would recommend The Hanley as a good place to work........ 92% of staff believe they're encouraged to take personal responsibility for their work quality and performance........95% fully understand the organisations aims and objectives.......86% state that their line manager encourages them to take initiative and make decisions. Naturally we have areas where we need to refocus our efforts . These mainly surround career progression (which isn't always easy to engineer in a 60 person firm) and the need for more training and development ( I will really start to worry when our staff have an appetite for LESS training).So a valuable and instructive exercise, as well as a motivating one. We believe that if we continue to treat our staff well then they'll continue to treat our customers that way too.

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