Thursday, 16 September 2010


Last night we held our annual staff meeting to platform our corporate plan, business targets and ambitions for the coming financial year (which begun on 1st Sept) . It gave me the chance to set out our expectations for the year ahead and to join my team in outlining how we intend to propel The Hanley forward so that we can continue to strive to be "Britains Best Local Building Society".
The theme of the evening was Exponential Change.
We spoke about the challenges in our core markets of savings and mortgages, and about the localised challenges of our city where regeneration progress is likely to be hampered by budget-cuts in the public sector.We also discussed our plans for the new branch in Biddulph and the importance of being distinctive in our distribution and our marketing. I found it really inspiring.....and thankfully I wasn't alone in feeling that it is so motivational to work alongside people who are sharply focused on being successful and determined to deliver the best we can for our members.
Alongside the inspiration there was perspiration too as I hosted our quiz night, which covered TV & movies (no surpise there) and a lengthy musical round where contestants had to identify the intros to well known pop and rock songs. Sadly for some of our directors and senior managers the tunes proved to be not that "well known" and the winning team was populated with 20 and 30 somethings .
A reminder also that the potent blend of competitive spirit and teamwork is a winning formula.

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