Friday, 10 July 2009


This really is a landmark day for The Hanley Economic Building Society. Today we are moving to our brand new, tailor-made head office at the other side of Festival Park. It's not a long distance to travel ( we can even keep the same postcode) but it signifies our optimism and ambition for our future as a thriving local, independent mutual. It is invigourating to demonstrate our belief in this great business at a time when so many others in our marketplace are having to retract and to limit their future-planning. The new building is a contemporary,open-plan design with an emphasis on spatial and energy efficiency, and ease of access for customers and staff. We have been in our current building since 1992 and the market environment for all building societies has changed markedly in the years since then but my sense is that the next few years will see an equally radical change in the financial services landscape.However The Hanley is very well placed to seize the opportunities that change inevitably brings, and we will relish the chance to continue demonstrating our strength as a business with local roots and a modern verve.
But just for today our main task is transporting boxes and setting up our new home.

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