Thursday, 14 May 2009


Party politics interests me about as much as crocheting or skydiving, but it's just impossible to ignore the spectacle of our elected MPs scuttling to repay those expenses that are now deemed excessive. Frankly if they think this will recapture public trust I think we need to tell them that horse bolted long ago. Trust is hard-earned but fragile. Financial services firms ache to be trusted by their customers and the credit crunch has undoubtedly damaged that trust. But putting things right after you've made a blunder is only one part of rebuilding trust. I think people generally want to see real contrition and a genuine will to do better in the future.Politicians proclaiming that they "didn't break any rules" are missing the point;it's not legality that is the issue ,it's greed.
Building societies have a long history of earning the trust of their members and we work really hard to preserve that trust. We don't seek the moral high ground nor do we get it right all the time but I believe that Hanley members can expect us to be trustworthy, transparent and fair and can call us to account if we slip up.

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