Thursday, 26 March 2009


Yesterday the Hanley Board spent a full day reviewing our business strategy and planning our key strategic goals for the next few years. We do this annually. Our aim is to assess business performance and refresh our thinking on how best to continue with our successes as an independent local mutual. We have an unusual financial year which ends on 31st August so we were able to discuss our very creditable results at the half- year end as a platform for evaluating our priorities in the short and medium term. We also discussed our distribution plans, our IT strategy and the impact on the society of a sustained period of low interest rates.
It is a day that I personally relish It reinforces my belief in the strength of our Society and in the distinctive part we can play in our heartland marketplace, and it also makes me realise just how much we are still capable of achieving for our members and customers. The next job is to translate our strategic goals into ongoing implementation plans, all of which I can assure you will be positive for Hanley members and will demonstrate our optimism for the future.Watch this space!

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