Monday, 16 February 2009


An odd time to post your first blog, you may think. And understandably so.At a time when the financial services industry is emblazoned across newspaper headlines and as lead story in numerous TV broadcasts (and for all the wrong reasons) why would any CEO choose to break cover and encourage 2 way communication!!?? Well aside from the obvious kudos of being able to tell my children that I've joined the 21st century information super-highway from the sliproad of traditional communications methods, I genuinely believe that small, local, mutual building societies like The Hanley, can be beneficiaries of the changing public mood. Virtues such as trust, reliability, solidity and security are now high on the customers wish list. I can recall plenty of occasions in recent years where commentators viewed small building societies as crusty and dull, more akin to a Hovis advert than a contemporary financial services business. But not any more.We have plenty to offer.In truth we always did. I intend to use my blog to comment on how we will thrive in the emerging new landscape.

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